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I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach based out of Boston, MA. I began my journey training clients in person at Boston Sports Clubs, and now I am making the transition to online training as well! I have worked with clients of all ages and have helped with rehabilitation, strength gains, muscle gain and fat loss, and much more! I put great effort into my clients, as I am dedicated to help you change your life! I am invested in YOU! I work with my clients on workouts, but also mentality and nutrition! Let me help you achieve your goals and help reach your best self!

My Story

From Skinny to Strong

I've had a long history struggling with my body image. I've been through it all--restricting, binging, and everything in between. I've gained 30 pounds, lost 30 pounds, maintained, counted calories, macros, done fad diets. I've worked out every day and worked out not at all. Once I worked with my first coach, I began to realize how much the world was pushing against me. I realized that I had to make the transformation for myself, and NO, it didn't happen overnight. It's taken 3 years of hard work, slip ups, and bad days to get where I am today, and I'm still working!


My clients learn about form, nutrition, and health in a SUSTAINABLE way. No quick fixes here! So if you're looking to drop 30 pounds in a week, look somewhere else. We work hard on mentality on my team to break down the misconceptions surrounding fitness and nutrition, and work on unlocking the root of why you are feeling the way you're feeling! 


I became a personal trainer because I understand how hard it is to break this cycle. There is SO MUCH BS out there and I want to help you navigate through all of it and come out on the other side STRONGER and HAPPIER. I am here to help people unlock the magic of exercise. Everyone has the potential to change themselves for the better, and I want to help you become the healthiest version of yourself that you can be! 

Come transform yourself with me and join my team of FIT, STRONG, BADASS PEOPLE!


3 years of mental and physical gains went into my transformation, and I'm still working!

Client Transformations



"Gyms are intimidating, but Helen has been the best guide into this new world of weight training. She's knowledgeable, supportive, and accommodating, and she's challenging me to become a better version of me. In the few weeks I've been working with Helen, I'm already thrilled about the physical and mental changes she's helped me achieve!"



“I actually wasn’t even looking to sign up for personal training at the time, but when I met Helen and we had a sit down talk about our fitness journeys, it was so refreshing to talk with someone and not someone talking ‘at’ me. She shared her struggles very openly and I was instantly inspired by her positive energy and genuine care. I had the best training sessions/days with Helen where she always wrote my program to be what my specific goal was - strong. Her dedication to helping me and stay focused on my goals while still feeling like I was working out with a friend, is something I’ve never had in a trainer. Thank you!”

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