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Helen Newell is a professional violinist hailing from the depths of the Maine fiddle tradition. She started playing violin at age 3, and grew up immersed in both the folk and classical world. Her parents, Kaity and Carter Newell are founding members of Maine Fiddle Camp, and Helen spent her entire childhood at fiddle camps, concerts, and dances. 


Recently graduated from Berklee College of Music, Helen Newell pursued a Violin Performance major with a minor in American Roots. She was able to study with notable professors while at Berklee, including legendary Old-Time fiddler Bruce Molsky, and violinists,Jason Anick, Simon Shaheen, Beth Bahia Cohen, Mimi Rabson, Sharan Leventhal, Rob Thomas, and cellist Eugene Friesen. These amazing mentors have helped her expand her musical repertoire and technique and develop into a performer, composer and collaborator. 


Helen has an active performing life, playing in orchestras, musicals, recording sessions, chamber groups, and bands. She has also been composing orchestral pieces—her most recent composition “7:08” was performed by Berklee World Strings in April 2022. 

Another important aspect of Helen’s musical life is teaching. Helen is a certified Suzuki Method teacher, and she teaches both virtual and in-person violin lessons to a wide range of students. Because of her vast repertoire of styles, she likes to bring that exploration to her students and help them explore the world of different styles, repertoire, technique, improvisation, recording, composing, and arranging. 

If you are looking for your next step in your musical journey, Helen's teaching philosophy is to make playing the violin enjoyable and effortless, reducing tension, and finding styles that make you love music even more!

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Rocky Road to Dublin by Allen Sisson/Davy Davy Come Back and Do What You Ought To by Delbert Hughes

Rocky Road to Dublin by Allen Sisson/Davy Davy Come Back and Do What You Ought To by Delbert Hughes

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Midway Jig by Sam Zakon-Anderson and Max Blue/First Pint by Colin Farrell

Midway Jig by Sam Zakon-Anderson and Max Blue/First Pint by Colin Farrell

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The New Rigged Ship

The New Rigged Ship

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Piney Woods/Grigsby’s Hornpipe/Duck Dance

Piney Woods/Grigsby’s Hornpipe/Duck Dance

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Insights from Current and Former Students


Gail Gardner

"Helen & I met at Maine Fiddle Camp and we started working together when she came to Boston in Sept. 2019. During the pandemic we had zoom lessons which worked so well because Helen pays close attention, even remotely! I knew of Helen’s reputation as a fantastic teacher for children and was not surprised when I learned, first hand, about her patience and encouragement with adults, as well. She helps me with things I’ve been working on since before we met, has introduced me to new skills and encouraged me to stretch myself. Helen clearly loves teaching, cares about her students and wants her students to love playing much as she does! I have recommended her as a teacher to several friends and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others as well!"

(September 2021)


Jayden Brown

"Helen was very professional and affordable. She brought a great deal of enthusiasm and experience to her teaching experience. Even though she is very busy she was always flexible with her schedule. One thing that meant the most was when she would share my learning experience with both me and my parents by filming me while I played. This helped me see areas in which I needed to work and also helped my parents see what we work on in practice and also the progress I was making. I loved working with Helen and hope I get the chance to do it again if she comes back to Maine this summer." (Oct 2019)


Laura Brady

"Helen sparked a love of music in our daughter. Her teaching style is both creative and disciplined, providing inspiration and structure for a child to musically thrive. Our daughter has learned both Suzuki method and traditional fiddle songs from Helen. The Newell family is known as movers and shakers in the fiddle community of Maine. Helen is carrying that tradition forward with fresh perspective and advanced classical technique. I highly recommend Helen as a violin and fiddle teacher to students at various stages in their musical development."
(October 2019)


Sarah L.

“Helen is such a good fiddle teacher for me. She makes it fun and is very patient and supportive, and I can tell that she enjoys teaching. She lets me choose the music that I want to learn, but also keeps me focused on developing good form, practicing bowing, and doing lots of scales and arpeggios with the metronome. She explains music theory, so that it all starts to fit together in my mind. She has many good tips and exercises to improve technique. I am becoming a better fiddle player with Helen’s guidance, and I feel lucky to have found her!” Cambridge, MA (April 2020)